Bitcoin Faucets List

RatingNameCountryEarningsCurrenciesClaim TimePayment
CointiplyUSAHighBitcoin Dogebetween 1 and 12 hours2017
FaucetpayUSAMiddleBitcoin Bitcoin Cash Dash Doge Ethereum Litecoin Tron Zcash24 hours2019Faucetpay
FreebitcoinBrazilGoodBitcoin60 min2013
CoinpayuUSAHighBitcoin Dash Doge Ethereum Litecoin60 min2017Faucetpay
adbtcRussiaHighBitcoin24 hours2016Faucetpay
Autofaucet DutchycorpFranceGoodBitcoin Bitcoin Cash Dash Doge EOS Ethereum IOTA Litecoin Monero Ripple Stellar Tron Zcash24 hours2018Faucetpay
FirefaucetIndiaGoodBitcoin Dash Doge Ethereum Litecoin Tron Zcash30 min2018Faucetpay
GrabtcBrazilGoodBitcoin60 min2020Faucetpay
GlobalhiveNetherlandsGoodZcash24 hours2020
FaucetspinUSAGoodBitcoin Bitcoin Cash Ethereum Litecoin5 – 30 min.2020Faucetpay
BTCBuxRussiaGoodBitcoin Doge Litecoin24 hours2020
ClaimbitsUSAMiddleBitcoin5 min2019Faucetpay
YannikGermanyGoodBitcoin IOTABTC 10 min
IOTA 60 min
KoiniomUSAGoodBitcoin Dash Doge Ethereum4 hours2016Faucetpay
ESFaucetCanadaMiddleBitcoin Bitcoin Cash Dash Doge Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Stellar Tron Zcash30 min.2019Faucetpay
FaucetcryptoPanamaMiddleBitcoin Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin SV Dash Doge Ethereum Litecoin Tron Zcash25 min.2017
Satoshi HeroUSALowBitcoin6 – 8 min.2018
Satoshi MonsterUSALowBitcoin5 – 20 min.2018
ClaimfreecoinsUSAMiddleBitcoin Bitcoin Cash Dash Doge Ethereum Litecoin Tron5 min2017Faucetpay
RushbitcoinUSAMiddleBitcoin7 min.2017Faucetpay
ClaimclicksIcelandMiddleBitcoin Doge Litecoin Tron5 min.2020Faucetpay
BitclixTurkeyLowBitcoin24 hours2018Faucetpay
MulticoinsIcelandLowBitcoin Doge Monero5 min.2021Faucetpay
Big BTC WinUSAVery LowBitcoin3 min2017Faucetpay
Free LitecoinCzech RepublicLowLitecoin60 min2017
Free EthereumCzech RepublicLowEthereum60 min2019
BtcmakerPanamaLowBitcoin60 min.2020
AllcoinsUSALowBitcoin Bitcoin Cash Dash Doge Ethereum Litecoin Monero Ripple Stellar Tron6 min.2018
GoldenfaucetPhilippinesGoodBitcoin5 min2018Faucetpay
LitecoinadsSpainLowBitcoin Doge Litecoin24 hours2019Faucetpay
CoinbulbUSAMiddleBitcoin24 hours2016

➡ Note: For some Services you need an account from the microwallet: Faucetpay

How are Bitcoin faucets financed?

The site operators finance themselves by presenting advertising banners on the pages. Currently, these are mostly references to other faucets or other providers from the Bitcoin world. It would be inconceivable if large companies were to appear here at some point with thick marketing budgets. Apart from banner advertising, there are also games, where the payment is based more on the basic costs of playing a game and the chances of winning a jackpot or high scores. Furthermore there are also lotteries, which are organized among the users. Here the users have the possibility to buy more ticket shares against the use of additional coins. With many offerers wait weekly sumptuous jackpots in Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum or Dogecoin…

Where is the hook with the Faucets? How safe are they anyway?

As you can see, there is no magic wizardry with the financing. But still, be careful, there are of course many cheats in this field. Therefore we recommend, like also with other sides in the Internet to the topic money earning rather on already established offerers to set. Offerers, which disbursed reliably over a longer period. In addition, there are many providers in the Asian or American region, which certainly does not make it easier. In addition, the markets are currently still “bird wild” and rather unregulated by laws.

The best protection is therefore your mind and a wallet with credit on coins outside the faucets. As soon as you have accumulated enough coins with these providers, you should transfer it to your wallet immediately, this is the only way to ensure that you don’t lose any credit to these operators.

Some more useful basic tips – Number of faucets

We recommend that you register with several faucets that offer the same crypto currency. This has the advantage that you can then collect small amounts from as many providers as possible and thus earn faster overall in the respective currency such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin. With the time you should then of course more and more crypto-currencies to add and compare with which Faucets more worthwhile themselves and with which less.

Easy access in the browser

To access your Bitcoin faucets quickly and efficiently, we recommend that you create a separate folder as a bookmark in your browser. If you then collect 10-20 faucets in the folder, you can click through the pages one by one every hour or however you feel like it without having to type them in laboriously from memory every time.

Speed counts

We also recommend you to use these services regularly, because many faucets get slower with time when generating the coins. That means the longer you don’t pick up the coins the slower the generation of new coins. But be careful, this can also affect your mood at some point. It shouldn’t be a stress, it should be fun for you, so tell yourself how it is right for you.

Top Commandment

Keep in mind that these are very small cents, which can only become valuable in the masses, you need stamina and discipline, as with Paidmailers and other Paid4 providers! By the way, if you want regular information about crypto currencies and other money making news, then check out our crypto news section.